There is no true freedom in the world where time and space exist
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The Victor's Words
                   There is no true freedom in the world
                            where time and space exist

('his man' refers to the Savior)

The work of God will be done by only a Victor who is accomplished.
Due to the man being accomplished first, all the people of the world can become victors.
The way that the Victor came was too tough, you cannot follow the same way.
God finishes his duty by making one savior. He does not need neither two nor three.
Only if one man is completed as a Victor Savior, all humanity will be accomplished. Then this world will be changed into a new world.
This world has time. However, a new world will have no time.
As there is neither time nor space, it is a free world. Liberty exists when time disappears.
If there is time, people will live in a non free condition.
Not only time but also space shouldn? be.
The world that is beyond time and space is a completely free world.
Happiness is in complete liberty, the world that does not have freedom does not have happiness.
The people of the world believe that humanity can be happy, but if they have their bodies, their complete happiness does not exist. As humanity lives is in a confined life, there is neither complete freedom nor happiness.
Today no matter how high a degree of learning one does, they do not know the basic learning.
So, when today the Savior came to the world and says that there is neither learning nor religion, people tilted and did not understand the basic learning of the Savior.
However, the day when all people will understand the words of the Savior will come.
The Savior first does the work to make all humanity God.
And then, He will remove time and space.
Then the world will be changed into the paradise, people will live in happiness beyond description forever.
If one wears a body of huma-nity, they cannot but live in time, be ruled in space.
However, no matter how much one studies, they do not know about this.
Not knowing about this fact, they can live as hu-mans.
Expecting a better life, repeating disappointment and frustration, and being caught by the spirit of death, humanity finally dies.
When people die, not only their bodies die but also their spirit perishes.
When they die, their lives die and their bodies die. Life is spirit, spirit is the spirit of God.
The spirit of God exists in the blood of hu-man beings, it is also the heart of humanity and consciousness.
Satan that grips the authority of death in mankind kills them.
So as life dies, spirit dies and becomes extinct. People do not know the principle of the world, but only the followers of the Victory Altar learn the fact through the Savior.
The word, people' spirit goes to another world after death is a lie
Before This man teaches the fact, people knew when people die, their bodies die and their spirit goes to anther world. In fact, they knew wrongly.
The spirit cannot go to another world. Death means that spirit dies.
So dead spirits cannot go  anywhere.
According to Job 14:14 in the Bible, 'If a man die, shall he live again?'
It means if people die, their bodies and spirit perish. So far, people have thought that after death, people' spirit leaves.
It is the tricks of Satan to crank down the children of God.
Satan causes them to give up the hope of life and makes them not be afraid of death by giving a false hope if people die, they can go to the world of spirit and live well.
So some people die peacefully because they will go to heaven due to their faith.
This is the deception of Satan to destroy all the children of God.
People have been deceived like that. However, today the Savior came to the world and reveals the hidden facts and announces them to people.
As one goes toward the way of immortality, they cannot die
Only if one knows that there is nothing after death, they will feel vain and endeavor despera-tely to grip immortality.
As if one does their endeavor, their wish will surely come true, Satan has deceived people that they go to heaven after death.
This man has spoken from the beginning of the Victory Altar that as people's blood is changed as they think.
As one is accomplished as they think, if they have the mind of immortality, they are supposed to live forever, if they have a dying mind, they are supposed to die.
People die because they go toward a dying way by themselves. People live forever as they go towards an immortal way.
All humanity is the children of God, having their heart itself means that the spirit of God exists in them. As humans have the spirit of God, they have their heart, as they have their heart, they have their lives.
 As people have their heart, they made cars, as they have a flying heart, they made airpla-nes and are riding them.
If they do not have a flying heart, they could not invent airplanes.
As people have a heart of running fast, they made cars and ride fast.
Like that, we can see that the world is moved by the heart of mankinds.
This man always says if one has a heart of immortality, they are supposed to live forever.
To teach everything is done as one has a mind, This man pro-claimed the 5 covenants.
This man said that He would remove the communism in the world in 1981.
When you heard this word first, you thought it fabulous and doubted it.
Finally the 5 covenants were accomplished.
Also, This man pro-claimed He would stop ty-phoons from coming toward South Korea, prevent the rainy seasons in South Korea, keep Korean wars, and make South Korean harvests abundant continually.
All His promises have done. Korea is divided into South Korea and North Korea, North Korea it does not rain con-tinuously, so North Koreans have bad harvests.
There are a lot of people who starve to death. Only South Koreans have abundant harvests. What? the reason for that?
Although He has accom-plished as He says, if there are some people who do not believe in This man as the Savior and ignore Him, they are so poor.
Considering everything is done as This man says, He is surely the Savior who will change the mortal world into an immortal world, but if some people do not know the Savior, they are surely foolish.
Thanks to the advent of the Savior, the era of eternal life is open
What you should see surely is that a good omen that the work of immortality is accomplished is in your mind.
The mind to hate to die exists in you.
Although people do not experience death, why do they hate death?
Because they are made of God's blood that experienced immortal life.
The blood is our ancestors' blood of Adam, Eve, and God.
Today, This man among the children of God appeared as the Savior, who found out the secret of the spirit of death and has the power to destroy the spirit of death with a iron scepter.
So the Savior can pour down the Holy Dew Spirit.
The Holy Dew Spirit is a weapon to extinguish the spirit of death, Gyeokamyourok, a Korean prophetic book with 100 percent accuracy, recorded that the Holy Dew Spirit is an elixir in Samsin mountain.
An elixir is a glass that makes people young.
That is, the Holy Dew Spirit enables people to live forever.
Humanity has waited for immortality for a long time, as it was not accomplished, they were disappointed and frus-trated, and have died. Later they lived without a hope to live forever.
But as they are the children of God, the Savior appeared and is opening an era of eternal life now.*

                                                                               Thus the Savior said on Feb 25th, 2002.
                                                                                                      Translation : Angel Kim