If one throws away consciousness of I they cannot die
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The Victor's Words
     If one throws away consciousness of I they cannot die
This man refers to the Savior. This article was preached by the Savior on July 18th, 2003.
There is only one reason humanity gets old and dies is just one. Due to desire in human beings, their blood decays.

If one lives for I, they will surely die

If decayed blood accumulates and becomes a lot, it causes germs to generate in decayed blood.
People think that germs come into us from outside, and doctors also recognize like that, but the germs that come from outside soon die.
Because peoples bodies are hot, the germs cannot live.
Therefore, germs that happen in ones decayed blood reproduce gradually.
Then diseases become serious, finally they die. Germs never permeate into peoples body.
The organs in the body of humans have cells, the life span of cells have a limit.
Longest lifespan cells can live is 29 days. After 29 days, they die and become dead skin, you remove them while taking a bath.
People die due to their desire. If they do not have desire, they cannot die.
So in order to live forever, consciousness of I that attempts desire should disappear. Consciousness of I attempts desire, desire itself does not attempt desire.
The mind that comes from consciousness of I is desire. If ones mind moves for oneself, their blood decays continually. However, people do not know about desire.

They know only what they desire. However, having a mind to do what will not be done is desire, too.
Therefore, whether I want to do this or to do that is also desire.
Like this, all the minds that hang from consciousness of I are desire.
Therefore, the blood of people decays continuously.
If decayed blood increases, the number of reproduced cells decreases gradually.
So, as one acquires wrinkles, loses their strength, lowers resistance, and finally they die.
Like this, the reason for humanitys death is if ones blood decays, decayed blood does not become resistant and die, if one is resistant, they cannot die.
AIDS is a disease that ones resistance declines.
So only if one catches AIDS, their resistance reduces and finally they die.
 If ones re-sistance becomes weak, they cannot do anything but die.
The power of resistance comes from biotron. Biotron comes out mostly when one laughs.
When one goes under pine trees, they can imbibe oxygen.
However, if one laughs everyday, biotron happens in them.
The reason that their diseases are cured by laughing a lot is because their resistance become strong, the cells of cancers are reduced.
 Therefore, their cancers are healed.
So you should laugh everyday. If one laughs, biotron happens in their blood.
As the way of immortality is the way of mind, if one has a mind to live forever, they can live forever
This man said from the beginning of the Victory Altar that this way is the way of the mind.
If one has a mind well, they can live forever.
If one has a mind correctly, they cannot die and cannot catch diseases.
So laugh every day. You must live laughing everyday, enough to be seen as a crazy person to people.
You have to live laughing. What makes you laugh?
No matter how ugly people look, smiling faces look so beautiful. Even an ugly man laughs, he does not look ugly. 
Flowers bloom in laughing, if one laughs, the material of life happens and they become young day by day.
On the other hand, those who are filled with worry and are depressed all the time become old quickly, their backs get bowed.
Some people try to straighten their bent backs.
but it is impo-ssible. If they try to straighten their bent backs by force, their bones will be broken.
If one laughs everyday, their bent backs will be straighten.
Just laugh to confirm the fact. You can live forever by laugh-ing everyday.
You will receive the grace of God if you accept a worship service while laughing.
The grace of God goes to laughing people.
The grace of God does not go to the people who are worried. 
Comrade, if you laugh for 2 hours continually, you will smell the scent of a lily.
Because the Holy Dew Spirit comes to you.
The scent is the smell of the Holy Dew Spirit.
The body of the Savior was formed of the Holy Dew Spirit
You can smell the fragrance when you come to This mans office.
Thats because This mans body itself was created with the Holy Dew Spirit.
Therefore, if you just come to the office of This man, you can smell it.
 Usually flowers can last for 10 days and then get faded.
However the flowers that are in This mans office never fade even they last for 1 year. Is it strange?
It means that the Savior is the existence of immortality.
As an immortal existence is there, an immortal material comes out, so flowers cannot  fade.
The reason that flowers fade is because their lives run out.
As the Holy Dew Spirit comes out from the Savior, the material of life is conveyed to the flowers.
Considering this fact, we can see that the Savior can fully give immortality to people.
If you attend a worship service with the Savior for an hour everyday, you will not die.
So This man tells you to attend a worship service everyday.
You should attend the worship service everyday.
The reason that people die is because they are stubborn.
Those who are stubborn die quickly.
The reason that people are stubborn is because they are greedy.
So those who are stubborn die quickly.
There is a person who died while he slept.
The reason for his death was because he attempted desire and his blood decayed.
So he died of a heart attack. Although the Victory Altar explains about the cause of death scientifically, if there is a person who does not understand it, he was cursed, As he was cursed, he cannot dis-cern.
The Holy Dew Spirit being taken by cameras in the Victory Altar is evident that God is in there
One should laugh all the time, when one? mind reaches the step to laugh, their face becomes bright.
The reason for being bright is because endorphin comes out and the material of life happens.
It is the material of life. So their face becomes bright.
Kirlian, a Russian, took a picture of a person using a high frequency camera, found that light came out.
He named it aura.
The aura is the light of life. Also when he took a picture of a leaf, he found that light came out from the leaf.
An live leaf emits light like a man when one takes a picture of a leaf.
God was originally light. As he was light, the reason that light is emitted from this mans mouth and nose is because This man has the spirit of God.
If This man does not have the spirit of God, light is not taken by cameras.
The reason for the Holy Dew Spirit being taken not by high resoluion cameras but normal cameras is evidence that This man is God.
Humanity cannot emit light.
This man teaches you how to become God in detail.
One should live a sacrificial life for God to become God.
Those who do not live a sacrificial life for God cannot become God. This man did a sacrificial life for God until He became the Savior.
When this man was young, He taught young men who did not go to school for nothing.
Also, This man built school every-where He stayed, however nobody gave money for bui-lding them.
When he was bleeding while teaching stu-dents, an American commander saw This man bleeding sugge-sted to build a school for Him.
When the school was built, the people of the village insisted that This man became the owner of the school.
But This man said as He had no money, He could not run the school.
In order for the school to exist forever, the school had to be possessed by the government. So that school become a public school.*
                                                                                        Translation : Angel Kim