There are two kinds of spirit in people
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The Victor's Words
              There are two kinds of spirit in people

'This man' refers to the Savior. This article was preached by the Savior
There are two different kinds of spirit in people
Sun Tzu of China said if one knows oneself and one's rival, they can defeat their rival.
That is the exact word.
That is, if one knows about oneself and Satan, they can overcome Satan.
There are two kinds of spirit in humanity.
One is the spirit of God, the other is the spirit of Satan.
Those who have with their consciousness of 'I' go this way, they never go to heaven.
As consciousness of  'I' is  Satan, it neither lives forever nor goes to heaven. 
To confirm whether one is a man of Satan or a man of heaven, one should examine.
If one has a cunning and treacherous mind, they are the persons of Satan.
As those who deceive themselves live centering themselves, they deceive themselves.
Therefore, in order for the men of Satan to try to go this way, they should change their mind and should make an effort to become the men of heaven.
If the man of Satan goes this way, it is useless.
 There are people who the men of Satan attend worship services earnestly to be accomplished.
 They will never be accomplished.
On the other hand, the men of heaven have a sacrificial mind all the time, live a sacrificial life by themselves.
One has victory over Satan by deceaving Satan

As This man is the Savior, He knows well. The Savior knows everything.
Although you try to deceive the Savior as the man of Satan, the Savior pretends to be deceived, but He is never deceived.
Only if one can deceive Satan, they can defeat Satan and kill him.
 If one cannot deceive Satan, they can never destroy Satan.
So the Savior could destroy Satan. If one cannot deceive Satan, they can never become a Victor.
Everyone, although the Savior looks like a fool, He can distinguish the man of Satan from the man of heaven.
Therefore, He pours the Holy Dew Spirit to the man of heaven.
He does not pour the Holy Dew Spirit to the man of Satan.
 If This man pours the Holy Dew Spirit onto the man of Satan, he dies because the Holy Dew Spirit  kills Satan.
So This man does not pour the Holy Dew Spirit onto the man of Satan but only to the man of hea-ven.
Only when one distinguishes the spirit of God from the spirit of Satan, they can become Victors
Because This man could discerned spirit, He could become a Victor.
When one meets people, they should meet them discerning whether they are the men of Satan or the men of God.
If people do not distinguish the men of heaven from the men of Satan, they could be swallowed by Satan.
When This man was young, He distinguished the spirit of Satan.
This man caught a thief when He was 23 years old in the time of a recruit. 
Although This man did not see the thief steal things, He smelt the spirit of thiefs and caught him.
So fellow soldiers as well as company commenders wondered how Mr. Cho Hee Sung could find out though He was not ghost, but He did not tell the secret to the end.
 If This man had told the secret, God would have left Him.
One should deceive Satan all the time.
If one tells frankly, they are supposed to lose to Satan.
So This man deceived Satan to the end.
When This man was 23 years old, He knew about distinguihing and committing sin.
One attended worship ser-vices everyday from Jeondogwan
When This man was appointed as the missionary of the Onyang Jeondogwan, there were only 3 followers.
This man started to evangelize with 3 people.
This man made the 3 followers attend a worship service every morning.
 It means that they attend worship service everyday.
Daniel 12 in the Bible says, 'take a worship service every day.'
 'Set aside the burnt offering, the station every day, will commend itself on the fall.
'So This man attended a worship service every morning.
When This man lived in the Sosa Faith Village, He attended morning worship service in Oman Altar.
When He was in the Onyang Jeondogwan, He attended worship service every morning.
The 3 followers in the Onyang Jeondogwan were patients.
As they were cured by receiving the grace of God, they evengelized earnestly and brought one by one.
That composed of 6, 12, 24 followers.
Like this, 300 followers gathered in 3 months.
This was the first time in the history of Jeondogwan.
When This man went to Jeondogwan, He emitted the Holy Dew Spirit
 In the history of Jeondogwan, only a missionary in the Onyang Jeondogwan emitted the Holy Dew Spirit.
When 300 believers gathered in the Onyang Jeondogwan, they were igniting, their clapping sound was strong  enough to resonate the whole Onyang city.
So the people of Onyang city rushed to the Onyang Victory Alatar with curiosity.
So This man held revival.
At that time, the Spiritual Mother was in prison.
When This man invited Yujaechang as a revival missionary and had a revival meeting, He planned that He would guide to praise and Yujaechang would preach.
When Yujaechang preached, more than half of the followers dozed. However, when This man guided them to praise, they chanted hymns cheerfully. 
Yujaechnag lost will to praise and said, 'Please go on guiding to praise'.
Mr. Cho Hee Sung guides to praise, they chant hymns cheerfully, but if I preach, the followers doze, how can I preach?'
At that time, the news that the Holy Dew Spirit falls spread to Cheonan and Dunpo, they came to the Onyang Jeondogwan.
Choiseongtak missionary, the assistant administrator of Cheonan Jeondogwan hated This man a lot.
He asked Mr. Son-woodang of the association of Jeondogwan missionary to appoint Mr. Cho Hee Sung to other Jeondogwan.
However, as the Spiritual Mother directly appointed This man as the Onyang Jeondogwan, he could not appoint to other Jeondogwan as he wanted.
When the Spiritual Mother was released from prison, This man was used to lead prayer and hymns as a representative of 200 missionaries of Jeondogwan because when This man led hymns, the grace of God came to them.
So all the missionaries liked This man.
Among This man's friend, there is pastor Moon of the Unification Church.
That man knows that This man is a man who receives  a lot of grace though the Victory Altar is not admitted as a good religion. So he often comes to This man.
God sees the mind of humanity brightly as light
Therefore, you should know exactly how This man became a Victor.
This man has a habit to tell things frankly all the time.
He adored God earnestly.
He never loved God fumblingly.
This man adored God enough to move the throne of God.
So This man received big grace from God.
So This man received a lot of grace sitting in the place of followers.
Then the whole alter was filled with the grace of God.
As This man had a strong power to draw the grace of God, all the people around Him also received the grace of God.
Everyone, when one adores God earnestly, serves, and gives all things to God, they can receive the grace of God.
Those who are stingy to God and do not devote to God, but pretend to devote to God, they never receive the grace of God.
God is not foolish.
 As God is light like the Bible says, He looks into your heart.*