The Holy Dew Spirit, a medicine, which enables humanity to become God
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The Victor's Words
 The Holy Dew Spirit, a medicine,
which enables humanity to become God

The heart of human beings is spirit(). Depending on what kind of heart one has, they have the heart of God or they have the mind of Satan. If one moves in accordance with one's desire, their blood becomes decayed continually and they are dying.
However, those who have the heart of God become the blood of God gradually and become God.
The heart of God is a sacrificial heart and the conviction of eternal life.
Those who are convinced of the Savior 100 percent have the heart of God and become God.
Those who do not believe in the Savior 100 percent can not become God.
The Holy Dew Spirit, a medicine, which enables humanity to become God
The Savior is a recreative God that enables humanity to become God.
The Savior came in order to make humans God.
The Savior emits the Holy Dew Spirit all the time.
Because the Holy Dew Spirit is the medicine that enables humanity to be-come God.
So Revelation 2:17 in the Bible says, "To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna.
I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it."
The hidden manna is the Holy Dew Spirit.
In the times of Moses, dew manna fell to the Israelites to feed them in the desert for 40 years, the fact is a shadow of the hidden manna.
Prophet like Moses is the Savior who will save humanity 
 "For Moses said, "The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own people; you must listen to everything he tells you.
Anyone who does not listen to him will be completely cut off from among his people"according to the Acts of Apostles 3:22-23.
The man who emits the Holy Dew Spirit, the hidden manna, is the prophet like Moses.
The prophet like Moses is the Savior who will save humanity, who will acco-mplish the end of times.
So He is supposed to remove the sins of the world and recreate the world of heaven newly.
Among people, there are the men of heaven, there are people who live as humans and die.
Only when the blood of humans should be changed into that of God, they are saved
Therefore, those who know the Savior and are convinced of Him 100 percent can become God.
 If one does not believe the Savior 100 percent, the Savior does not make them God.
The Savior may look dull to you, in fact He knows people exactly.
He makes the men who believe in the Savior100 percent God.
Humanity's blood is changed depending on their minds.
If they have a regretful mind, their blood decays 1/3.
So one should not have a regretful mind.
Also if one has a hateful mind, their blood decays 100 percent. So such people can neither become God and nor can people accomplish eternal life.
Therefore, your blood is changed depending on your mind.
So the Spiritual Mother said, 'only if one's blood is accomplished, they are saved'.
 Blood should be accomplished as the blood of God by having the heart of God.
Having what minds is free, only when you have the heart of God, you become God.
The followers of the Victory Altar attend a worship service every day
Those who sometimes attend a worship service, sometimes skip it are never saved.
Although one skips just single one day, being saved is very difficult.
If one skips two days, their spirit becomes black.
To save those who become black is more difficult than saving 100 new comers.
To save the people of existing black spirit, the Savior need the grace of God that saves 100 new comers.
So it is rather to throw them away  to hell. You should come to the Victory Altar continually.
Although you attend worship service everyday, being saved is very difficult.
Though one attends a worship service through a DVD, the Holy Dew Spirit falls.
This man preaches in the Yeokgok Victory Altar every other day.
However when This man does not stand on the rostrum, the Holy Dew Spirit falls.
Take pictures when This man does not stand to check if the Holy Dew Spirit falls or does not fall.
Doubters will be surprised. Even one attends a worship service through a DVD, the Holy Dew Spirit falls.
This man said that This man works as His other selves.
The words that This man speaks are done as they are.
Therefore, you should attend a worship service everyday.
The reason that This man stands on the Yeokgog Victory Altar every other day is that He should stand on the branch Victory Altars.
Therefore, if This man preaches on the district Victory Altars, it means that He spiritually stands on every Altar.
This man works as His other selves.
When This man stands on the rostrum of the district Altar, you should follow Him and attend a worship service.
That is a rule.
You should always follow This man.
When This man goes to the Busan Victory Altar, you should go there. That is the secret of receiving the grace of God.
Do not regret on not following This man.
 Follow Him dilige-ntly to be accomplished.
If one does not do like that, they are not done.
If you do not attend a worship service because you are busy, you cannot go to heaven.
The man who appeared as the Savior at the end of times is the consu-mmator, recreator God
 This man is a consummator because He is a complete man.
This man knows everything.
No matter how hard you lie, This man knows the truth.
Therefore, as This man knows everything, He is the Savior that gives you eternal life. He is almighty.
This man can do everything as He wants. When the Savior creates men God, He removes the factors that cannot be God spiritually, gathers the factors that can be God and makes them God.
Do you know why the Savior is a recreator God?
 The Bible says that God created all things.
Because they do not know anything. In fact, the man who appeared as the Savior is the consummator, recreator God. So the Savior will create you as God.
Confirm after you become God.
This man proclaimed 5 covenants to announce that He is almighty
The Savior is an amazing existence.
So He removed communists, stops typhoons coming toward South Korea, prevent rainy seasons in South Korea, prevents wars in the Korean peninsula, and makes Koreans harvest abundant.
 As This man does as He wants because He is almighty.
It means that This man is not a human.
This  man seems like a man to you, however He is not a man.
As the Trinity became a Victor and was complete, He can do anything.
If This man orders everything to come to Him, they will come to Him.
So trust This man in order for you not to regret after all things are accomplished.*

                                              - extracted from the sermon on April 25th  2003.  
                                                                                                                         Translation : Angel Kim