Salvation is achieved by being recovered into God
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Salvation is achieved
by being recovered into God

(This man refers to the Victor Savior)

The Everlasting Happy World is where one neither becomes old,
nor catch diseases, nor has pains

The original hometown of humanity is heaven.
Adam God and Eve God lived in heaven, the original hometown of humans, At the moment they were occupied by Satan, they became humans.
Therefore, mankind can become God again and live forever in heaven in euphoria.
That world is one where it has neither pains nor tears and sighs.
Therefore, as the world is that of an inexpressible happiness, in that happy world, one lives forever.
However they do not become old.
It is because one lives in infinite happiness.
People grow old due to suffering.
They are supposed to become old and die because they suffer from pain or diseases.
However, the world in the future will have neither pains nor fatigue nor pains, and nor diseases.
Therefore, the world in the future will start with euphoria and live forever in euphoria.
Because one will live in happiness, they will never catch diseases, nor have pains, they will live forever in happiness.
However, in order for you to live that happy life, you should be changed into an original image, God. One cannot enjoy that delight with the present human shape.
From that time human shape being changed into God? shape, they can live in euphoria.
One cannot go to heaven if one does not become God
Therefore, by trampling oneself and killing it completely, consciousness of  'I' is killed, One can become God.
 If consciousness of 'I' is alive, they can never become God.
As long as the spirit of Satan lives and insists, one cannot become God.
As consciousness of 'I' is the spirit of Satan, mashing it, stamping down it, and beating it repeatedly, Satan does not sometimes die.
Therefore, until Satan perishes, trampling Satan should be continued.
So This man lived a life in contrast of what He wanted to live.
Also you should live a life in contrast of what you want to live.
That is, if you do not want to work, you should work.
If you do not do hard work, you should do that work.
So only if one tramples oneself completely and kills it, they can become God.
If one does not become God, they cannot go to heaven. Heaven is where only God goes.
Humanity cannot go to heaven. However, normal God cannot go to heaven, when one becomes a victorious God and only when one becomes a Victor who beats oneself, they can go to heaven.
Only a Victor God can go to heaven.
If one does not become a Victor God, they can never go to heaven.
Therefore, you should surely kill consciousness of ?? To kill consciousness of ??is so difficult that it cannot be expressed.
Finding and the work what I hate to do is a completely opposite life

This man wailed and cried almost everyday when He lived in the Secret Chamber.
Because no matter how hard This man struggled and tried to kill consciousness of 'I', it was not accomplished, He wailed.
No matter how hard This man prayed, 'I' did.
 No matter how diligently This man worked, 'I' did, God in This man did not work.
Therefore, living a life in contrast of what one wants is killing Satan.
Humanity does the things only they like to do, so if they do only what they hate to do, their Satan dies gradually.
If Satan becomes weak little by little, later it will die.
That is, it is not accomplished by trying for one or two hours, through several years' trampling and mashing life, consciousness of 'I' died.
This man could not find the house where He lived in the past, even forgot His name.
As 'I' of This man' died, He could not find His house where He lived.
Additionally, He could not remember His past. Even This man forgot His name that was called for 50 years.
That story is not understood by people.
However, as conscious-ness of ??of Mr. Cho Hee Sung died, This man could not know the name of Mr. Cho Hee Sung.
That is, Mr. Cho Hee Sung of the past knows the name, but the spirit of God cannot know the name.
So This man tried to remember His name, but He failed to remember His name.
By the way, This man came to inadvertently reach His hand in the inner pocket of a suit which He wore when coming into the Secret Chamber, and His ID card fell into His hand.
 It said Mr. Cho Hee Sung.
Then He came to know, 'Ah'  my name was Cho Hee Sung.
At first, when This man told you this story, as it would be obvious you did not admit His story, He was ashamed.
Because forgetting one'S name was impossible.
So He felt shameful.
Although it was a fact, the listeners did not believe His words, He felt shameful.
This man? mother lived in C5 dong 4 ho in the Faith Village, which is a short distance of getting over Nogo Mountain from the Secret Chamber.
Though This man' house was close, He did not go there for 3-4 years because He erased His past completely.
So This man could not know His house' address.
When the Victress Eve ordered This man to visit His house, He went there looking at His ID card, asking people where it was located.
'Where is the Faith Village?' 'Where is Beombakdong 28 beonji?' and 'Where is C5 dong 4 ho?'
 This man went there asking like that.
In the end, This man asked some children playing in front of a house thinking that these children would not know Him.
However, all of them knew about This man.
When This man asked them, 'Where is C5 dong 4 ho?'
they taught This man Here is C5 dong 4 ho', saying Why do you asked us though you know.?
In fact, this is the process of being reborn as the Holy Spirit.
The face is the same as the old one, but His mind was completely changed.
As the spirit of God became His spirit and moved, This man could not go to His house.
So He went there by asking people.
When the old mind of people is changed into that of the Victor God, one can be re born as the Holy Spirit 
To go to heaven, one should throw their human mind away.
That is, you come to the Victory Altar to be saved. You came here to go to heaven.
Consciousness of  'I' is the human mind.
So only when one kills consciousness of  'I'  they can go to heaven.
As long as consciousness of  'I' lives, they cannot go to heaven.
Therefore, you should mash and trample consciousness of  'I' until it dies.
 If one mashes consciousness of   'I' until it dies, at first one cannot remember their names.
They forget their names.
Also they do not know where their houses are.
Their mind are changed completely.
In fact, being reborn as the Holy Spirit is accomplished through this process.
If one'S consciousness of   'I' is alive, being reborn as the Holy Spirit is impossible.
After removing one'S consciousness of  'I' completely, the spirit of God becoming consciousness of  'I'  one can become a Victor God. Only the spirit of God can become a Victor.
When the spirit of God beats Satan, kills and remove it, and sits on the place that Satan sat, one can become a Victor. 
The Savior God that overcame Satan sits on and appears 
Also He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death according to Revelations 2;11.
To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna.
I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it in accordance with Revelation 2:17.
The iron scepter is that of words.
After listening to the words of This man, the people who believed in the false Savior, Jesus, do not believe him.
After that, He who overcomes will, I will never blot out his name from the book of life according to Revelation 3:5.
Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God.
Never again will he leave it in accordance to Revelation 3:12. In the end, to him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne according to Revelation 3:21.
The Bible says, the Victor sits with God.
It means that the Victor does not exist separately from God, the Victor is God.
Before the Victor appears, God could not save humanity, but after the Victor came out, God became the God that saves humanity.
So God became the Savior. After the Savior appears, the true God exists.
Therefore the true God did not exist.
As the world is that of Satan, the God of sinners in the world of Satan is Satan.
 The God who saves sinners is the Victor. The Victor is the God of humanity.
Therefore, as you meet the true God, you are surely saved.
So you should have the conviction of salvation, come to the Victory Altar everyday, and evangelize everyday.
The Savior enables you, humans, to become God. In order for humanity to become God, they should become Victors.
The way of becoming God is killing consciousness of  'I' the spirit of sin and then  the God overcoming Satan sitting on the place, that God is the Victor Savior.
By living a life of overcoming oneself, one can become a Savior, only when one becomes a Victor Savior, one can live in heaven.
So, as This man said to you before, one cannot be saved if they do not become Saviors.
To get salvation, one should become a Savior.
 So only when all of you become Victor Saviors, you will be saved.*