The Authority and Power of the Victor Christ
 작성자 : 최고관리자
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"for the Kingdom of God is not in words, but in power"(1 Corinthians 4:20).
The Christ is the one who has omnipotence and omniscience.
As for the Victor, because He is the All-Sovereign Spirit, He has absolute freedom beyond space and time. He can fly through the sky and can transform Himself into countless numbers of images. He is really the originator of the UFO, which interests many people. And He has ESP at His fingertips. For example, He can raise the wind and can stop the typhoon. He can also read our minds, no matter how far we may be away from Him. At present He is cleaning the atmosphere by purging away polluted air. So, human life-spans have been lengthening since 1980. People do not know this fact yet. In a few years, however, all mankind shall know the Victor Christ.

Twenty three years ago, when the Victor established the Victory Altar in Sosa(素砂, the white stone), on 18th August 1981, he proclaimed to only a few believers as follows;
First, "I will sweep away Communism from the surface of this earth."
Second, "I will prevent typhoons, which blow about 20 times a year, from advancing towards Korea."
Third, "I will make Korea to have an abundant harvest annually, and stop rain in the rainy season, from 15th of June to 15th of July every year."
And finally, "I will root out the potential threat of war and Communism from Korea forever, and I will also reunify Korea."
So far, His prophecies have come true, and the reunification of Korea will be realized sooner or later. Communism is a kind of ideology and that is a product of man's thoughts. Therefore, in order to remove Communism, the Vector must have the power to control man's mind. As is mentioned and witnessed in previous chapters, the Victor is God Almighty; to have insight into man's mind and control it. Moreover, He has the ability of curing every kind of disease, such as cancer and AIDS, and has practiced the work of God, eradicating death on Earth for 23 years.

All these are not miracles or the supernatural, but scientific things, and He has that power. Actually, He sways kaleidoscopic matter like winds and clouds freely. To prevent Typhoons from blowing towards Korea and change their courses, make them calm or rainy, He has only to conceive thoughts as mentioned above. As He thinks, so occur things and events.  That is to say, everything in the world cannot help obeying Him. Everything is in the hollow of His hand.

He has purified the atmosphere of the world for 23 years. From the Advent of Victor in 1980, the atmosphere of the earth has been becoming more and more clean, despite pollution and exhaust fumes. This is because the Victor has been removing devil spirits from the air.
As we have seen in previous chapters, the atmosphere is the result of man's thoughts and mind. Accordingly, mind and thought are spirit and spirit and matter are one and the same. Evil spirits, that is to say, Noxitrons, are in the air, or heaven.(Ephesians 2:2, 6:12). Therefore, most components of the atmosphere of the world are Satan, Noxitrons. But from the Victor, Biotron, the life-emitting matter or ray, flows forth copiously.
And man's span of life is also becoming longer and longer, thanks to Biotrons, the spirit of God emitted from the Victor.