In which Land will the Messiah appear?
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The Bible says that the land in which the Messiah will appear is the East(Isaiah 41:2), further in details, the end of the earth and its farthest comers(Isaiah 41:9), and many oriental secret books or prophetic books also say that Messiah will appear in Korea:
For example, Harak Yoram(河洛要覽), written by the legendary emperor of old China, Pokhee(伏羲), who was the originator of I-Ching(周易;the Classic of Changes), Confucius-Graphy by Confucius(B.C. 552-479), the Words of Yulgok by Lee, Yul-Gok(李栗谷;1536-1584),Tienoongyul(天隱訣; Anonymous), Samyuk Scripture(三易大經), by Lee, Min-Jae(李民濟; 1880-?) and so on. Furthermore, the great Indian poet,
Rabindranath Tagore(1861-1941), when he visited Japan, also predicted that Korea would be the light of the East some day, and the Romanian novelist, Constant Virgil Gheorghiu(1916-1992) also called Korea the light of the world. Thus, God has revealed Korea as the land of the Messiah in many ways, because He does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets(Amos 3:7). "TO The victor I shall give a white stone and, engraved on the stone a new name which no one will know except the recipient"(Revelation 2:17).

Now, Victor Christ has established the Victory Altar on the white stone(in Chinese 素砂). A Place currently named Yokkok was part of Sosa(in English, white stone) town, and the name Yokkok was designated by Kyonggi province in 1970, when a subway station was set up in Sosa.

Therefore, Yokkok was taken from Sosa by the authorities concerned, but people still call it Sosa instead of Yokkok, and a Sosa village actually exists. As the geographical name Sosa(white stone) is in the Bible, so the 500-year-old Korean Revelation Kyogam Yurok referred to Yokkok(in those days, the name Yokkok could
not be found in Korea).

And the Victor Christ was born in Kimpo, the end (peninsula) of Korea (the east end of the earth)(Isaiah 41:2). Now Kimpo is one of the main international airports of Korea.