The Symbol of Christ
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Date : 2015-03-25 13:37  |  Hit : 1,268  
Christ is the one who pours out the spirit of God(Joel 2:28). The spirit of God is just the Dew spirit, which is like the dew of the morning(Isaiah 26:19).
In regard to the Dew Spirit, if anyone drinks the Dew, then he shall never perish forever, for the Dew Spirit is the Spirit of the Victor, Who has overcome death.
But it is on the Day of the Lord when the Dew Spirit pours out. As the Bible has it, the wonders on the Day of the Lord are blood, fire and billowing smoke(Joel 2:30). The billowing smoke indicates the very Dew Spirit. Therefore, the Dew Spirit cannot pour out until the Day of the Lord comes.

And now, it is through the Victor that the Dew Spirit pours out(Hosea 14:5), for God is in Israel, the Victor(Joel 2:27). Therefore, Israel, the Victor, is the Christ who pours out the Dew Spirit. In addition, Lotus Sutra of Buddhism has it that the Maitreya cures all living beings from the disease of death with Sweet Dew. The Maitreya also means the Messiah, Christ.